About Fish Pedicure

A fish pedicure, also known as a fish spa, involves placing the customer’s feet in a tank filled with toothless garra rufa fish (known as “doctor fish”). While the customer’s feet soak, the garra rufa nibble off dead skin cells. The idea is that the fish will exfoliate the skin, revealing a softer layer of skin beneath.

We are looking for a unique service to offer customers when he hit on trendy fish pedicures, in which small carp in a tank eat dead skin to make feet extra smooth.

Benefits Of Fish Pedicure

The fish pedicure removes all of the dirt and offers a deep cleansing treatment towards the skin, thus works well for regenerating the new skin. Your skin will feel smooth, healthy and revitalized following the treatment. Natural glow of your skin will come back following the treatment is done. Fish therapy also promotes blood flow, protects skin and helps make the skin from the face look healthier and smoother.

Fish therapy helpful to exfoliate dead skin, increase blood circulation, eliminates bacteria, and also reduces foot odor. Also said to be able to cure athlete’s foot, and many other skin conditions. A study conducted under controlled environment at a medical university in Austria, revealing that this fish therapy is effective in treating psoriasis.

Garra Rufa massages is enormously beneficial on several different levels. So Clients receive unique natural skin care at a fair price.

  • Remove Dead Skin
  • Improve Blood Circulations
  • Reduce Itching
  • Relieve From Tension
  • Feet Smoother
  • Nourish The Skin
  • Removal Of Swelling
  • Glowing Skin
  • Relaxing
  • Treat Of Psoriasis